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About Us

----the Special Manufacturer & Supplier for Rigging Lifting and Transportation Equipment and Associated Fittings.
TOOLEE LASHING FOCUS ON RO-RO lashing and Container lashing, also for tranport lashing fittings.

All we supply based on quality products, From TOOLEE you can find the

lashing chain material for RO RO shipment,

twist lock FOR container fixed.

One way Buckle for Cargo Lashing

Ratchet tie down For Container lashing.

Others fittings toolee can supply, Forged parts and welded parts is TOOLEE competitive.

Detail products as below:

lashing chain/ lashing sprint c hook/ tensioner lever binder / lashing d-link point with bracket / lashing wire rope/ wire rope clips for fasten the wire rope/ DD turnbuckle hamburger type/ twist lock/ semi-autimatic twist lock/ ratchet tie down 4ton, lashing tie down 5ton / lashing turnbuckle/ pad eye / ratchet load binder/ poles....



Ro Ro & Container Lashing

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