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Ratchet Load Binder

Ratchet Load Binder Ratchet Load Binder
Steel Handle Forged, Used To Tie Down Or Shortening The G70transport Chain,The Ratcheting Motion Of The Binder Easily Draws The Ends Together, Providing Maximum Tension With Minimal Effort.
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Application: Using for grade 70 transport chain tie down and shortening the chain.

Handle forged,TOOLEE Chain Load Binders are all steel, drop forged, Versatile and adjustable,these load binders offer heavy-duty transport securement .

Heavy Truck Transporting using a lot of Ratchet Load Binder for Securing.


Binders are ideal load control devices for a variety of trucks, trailers,campers and cargo ships. heavy-duty binders are used to fasten heavy equipment and other specicalized heavy cargo that needs to be tied down securely.

TOOLEE have the G80 ratchet load binder with size 6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 16mm.
meet the standard of EN12195-3








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