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Tensioner Lever Binder
Tensioner Lever Binder

Extension Handle for Lashing Chain

Item No: 7010
    for The entension bar for lashing binder

Ratchet Load Binder EN12195-3 G80

Item No: 7028
    the load binder meet the standard of EN12195-3.

Speed Lashing

Item No: 7011
    Speed Lashing for Ro-Ro Ship

Hamburgers-DD Turnbuckle

Item No: 7013
    for tensioning of wire ropes on ships, tension length appr.240mm

Ratchet Load Binder

Item No: 7003
    Steel Handle Forged, Used To Tie Down Or Shortening The G70transport Chain,The Ratcheting Motion Of The Binder Easily Draws The Ends Together, Providing Maximum Tension With Minimal Effort.

Lever Load Binder

Item No: 7004
    Alloy Steel, Drop Foged with Red Painted, Finished with Powder Coated or Electro Galvanized Used to Bring Together Of Links Of A Chain To Bind A Load During Transportation.

Rigging Deck Lashing Turnbuckle

Item No: 7029
    With Pelican Hook One End and Pear Shape Link Other End, Used As A Connecting Device With Cable or Chain On Deck and Which Takes Up Slack By Rotating on Its Screw Threads. as lashing turnbuckle

Tensioner Lever Binder

Item No: 7002
    Frequently Used In The Offshore Oil Industry To Secure Loads On Trucks At The Dock And To Secure Material On The Back Deck Of A Vessel Heading Out To A Platform Or Rig.
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