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Lashing Hook C Type with Split Pin
Lashing Hook C Type with Split Pin (bolt)

Deck Lashing Shackle

Item No: 7012
    Deck lashing shackle is non rated shackle for lashing material on ship deck

Lashing Eye Hook-L Type

Item No: 7006
    Made From Alloy Steel With Red Painted, Used With Lashing Chain As A Lashing Chain's End Fitting for Griping Products to Security the Goods.

Clevis Sling Hook for Short Link Lashing Chain

Item No: 7031
    Forged Alloy steel in grade80, under the certificate of ISO90001, A Versatile, General Purpose Hook With Added Security Of A Cast Safety Latch Suitable For Most Slinging Applications

Eye Hook fit for Lashing Chain

Item No: 7007
    Forged From Alloy Steel,Black Painted In Eye Type,Fitting For Lashing Chain

Elephant Foot Hook Clevis Type 20 Tons

Item No: 7009
    Made From Forged Alloy Steel In Grade80 Of Clevis Type At The End, under the certificate of Test Cert. and Material Cert . Commmon Use Is For Creating A Lashing Point On A Ship's Deck.

Elephant Foot Hook Eye Type

Item No: 7008
    Having A High Dimensional Accuracy & High Finish, With Eye Type At The End, It Is A Kind Of An Export Container, Used For Holding & Lifting Export Containers

Container Hook-Celvis Type-For Ro Ro lashing

Item No: 7026
    Forged Alloy Steel Conainer Hook With Painted Red Surface,Can Move Mineral Containers From Distant Mines To Refineries Without Ground Travel Restrictions With Other Containized Fittings

Lashing Hook C Type with Split Pin (bolt)

Item No: 7005
    Forged Alloy steel in Grade80, Powder Coated or painted or Customized, under Test Cert. Material Cert. Used For Griping A Product From One Place to Another As A Container Lashing Equipment
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