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One Way Lashing System

One Way Lashing System One Way Lashing System
One way lashings are best solution for Container lashing where the Lashing system would not be coming back and reduces cost of Tensioners
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TOOLEE  one way lashing and strapping systems are easy to use in demanding cargo securing

  • are suitable for cargo securing, bundling or joining together
  • are used in all industrial fields and in harbors for tying down goods inside containers
  • are safe as well as easy to use
  • are manufactured from HT PES fiber
  • straps are easy to dispose of after use
  • are available in several different strengths (370 - 7,500 kg)
  • The tested metal buckles for TOOLEE maximize the system strength
  • The structure of the woven TOOLEE webbings guarantee durability and a tight hold


Toolee Lashing focus on Lashing system solution,Ro-Ro lashing and Container lashing for Loosing and Fixed, provide you the full range for lashing material, lashing chain serious, lashing strap, lashing wire rope and wire rope end fittings, purchase the cheap lashing,lashing on sale with fast instant delivery!


Ro Ro & Container Lashing

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